A 7-year-old boy drowned after he slipped and fell into a tank at Peerkankaranai on Tuesday afternoon. R. Logeswaran was a resident of Surathamman Temple First Street in Peerkankaranai.

His father V. Ravi, is working in a private company. Ravi's wife is a homemaker the couple also has a girl baby. Around noon on Tuesday afternoon, Logeswaran was fed by his mother. A little later, Logeswaran, a class I student, went to the tank, located between Karneeswarar Temple and a Vinayagar Temple, a few hundred metres away from tank. He was feeding biscuits to fishes in the tank, when he slipped and fell. A youth, who was nearby, noticed the incident and called for help.

A few residents rushed to the spot and jumped into the tank, which is about 15 feet deep. They managed to pull out the boy, who was, by then, unconscious.

He was rushed to a clinic nearby, and then to a private hospital in Tambaram, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The boy's house is a few hundred metres away from the tank.

The tank was renovated at a cost of Rs. 8 lakh, eight years ago. A flight of steps on two sides leads to a concrete slab, to a width of about 10 feet. Police suspect the boy slipped and fell into the water when he walked down the steps and stood on the concrete slab.

Though both the temples were closed at that time, the steel gates leading to the tank were left open.

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