As the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) expects the number of applicants for Development Rights Certificate to increase in the coming months, its officials are looking forward to a dedicated TDR cell to cope with the increase in the number of applications.

The existing staff members are managing the task of processing the applications and a dedicated TDR cell would become functional after government approval is obtained.

The CMDA has received 70 applications since August 2009, said an official of CMDA. A total of 30 applicants have sought development rights on the same site and extra FSI has been permitted, the official said.

The FSI is the Floor Space Index that determines the maximum buildable area in a given plot. The official added that 36 applications had come for construction of special buildings. Four cases are on account of the Metro Rail Project, the official said. These certificates are likely to be issued next month.

The Development Rights Certificate will be issued for the private lands acquired by the government within the Chennai Metropolitan Area for building and widening of roads and other public projects such as the Metro Rail network. The CMDA has been designated for issuing the certificates. After the CMDA came up with the guidelines for transfer of development rights, the Housing and Urban Development Department approved them last August. The certificate will entitle land owners to transfer their development rights and use it in any other property.


Aloysius Xavier LopezJune 28, 2012

Roads & RailsSeptember 24, 2010

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