The State Health Department, through a Government Order G.O. (D) 408, dated 17.05.2012, has punished Apollo Hospitals for violation of rules laid down under the Cadaver Transplant Programme.

The hospital will not be provided a liver under “share one liver” programme, on rotation basis, as it had violated guidelines and norms of the programme as specified by the government through its earlier G.O.s.

Violation of G.O.

The convener of the Cadaver Transplant Programme has been directed to “withhold share one liver” on rotation basis as a “punishment” for the violation. The hospital has also been “severely reprimanded” for “violation of the Government Order” and guidelines established by it for the cadaver transplant programme. The hospital has been permitted to continue routine transplant programme.

The G.O. issued on Thursday has, however, acknowledged that the hospital had tendered an apology for violation of guidelines.

The violation pertains to transplant of a part of the liver received by Apollo Hospitals through the State Cadaver Registry for a patient from Mauritius while there was an Indian who had been waitlisted to receive the organ. As a result the Indian, who was on the priority list, died.

Following a complaint, the Health Department instituted an enquiry headed by V. Seetharaman, Head, Hepatibiliary Diseases, Christian Medical College, Vellore, and Additional Secretary of Health, Satyabrata Sahoo, in February.

The punishment was meted out because the hospital had not informed the office of the Cadaver Transplant Programme about the recipient of the organ.


R. SujathaJune 28, 2012

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