“He consciously covers his face to avoid being caught by CCTV camera”

Investigators probing the twin blasts on the Bangalore-Guwahati Express here on Thursday appear to have inched ahead in zeroing in on the culprits, with another CCTV footage showing a man hiding his face while going to board the train in Bangalore the previous night.  

“The man is seen carrying a piece of baggage, and he consciously covers his face to avoid being caught by the CCTV camera installed there,” a police official said here on Saturday.

The Tamil Nadu CB-CID Police have developed two portraits of persons who were found moving in a suspicious manner in the Chennai Central and Bangalore stations.

While one man was seen running out of the coach after the train arrived in Chennai on May 1, the other man caught on camera in Bangalore was seen hiding his face to escape the lens.

Unmanned coachesIn a stunning revelation, it is now known that the twin blasts occurred in coaches unmanned by any Travelling Ticket Examiner (TTE) between Jolarpet and Chennai Central. Investigators are hence trying hard to identify the unauthorised persons who had boarded the train, sources in the Crime Branch-CID said.

Police probes revealed that six TTEs boarded the train in Bangalore on the night of April 30, and three of them got down at Jolarpet.

The sleeper-class coaches S-3, S-4 and S-5 were left with no TTE till the train reached Chennai Central the next morning. “We have information that many unauthorised persons boarded the train without a confirmed or reserved ticket. They slept along the aisle or near the toilet of these coaches. Since their names or addresses were not available with the Railways, we are finding it difficult to identify them,” a CB-CID official told The Hindu.

Two bombs exploded in quick succession, killing a woman passenger and injuring 14 others of the train after it reached Chennai.