Merciless, scorching, sweltering. It was all these things and more or Sunday, with residents complaining of an unusually hot evening.

According to the Meteorological Department however, the temperature on Sunday was three degrees lower than that of Saturday's. The temperature in Nungambakkam was 38.5 degree Celsius and in Meenambakkam, it was 40.7 degree Celsius, as compared to Saturday's maximum temperature of 41.5 degree Celsius.

This was because the sea breeze set in earlier than usual at 12.30 p.m.

The forecast for Monday reads: “the sky will be partly cloudy and thunderclouds may develop in the evening or night. It will be an uncomfortable, hot day.”

The temperature on Monday could go up to 41 degree Celsius, the forecast warned.

“Though Sunday was much better than Saturday, you could still feel a wave of heat at 6 p.m. I stepped out of my house at 3.30 p.m., because it was a little pleasant, but by 4 p.m. it became sunny again,” said P. Shravanthi, a resident of Alwarpet.

Despite the weather, both Elliot's Beach and Marina Beach were as crowded as ever, police said.

“Generally it's a little pleasant after sundown, but on Saturday, the heat was as intense in the evening. I prefer staying indoors and try not to go out in the afternoons, because I ride a two-wheeler,” said V. Sneha, a resident of Guindy.

Humidity levels as of Sunday evening were 73 per cent in Nungambakkam and 54 per cent in Meenambakkam.

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