Hundreds of students from seven schools in the city listened in rapt attention as Robert Swan spoke of his voyage to Antarctica in depth.

Mr. Swan is a polar explorer, environmental leader and the first person to have walked to the North and South poles.

Creating awareness

He was in the city on Saturday as part of his ongoing Mission 2041 ( to create awareness of Antarctica and the need to “promote recyclable, renewable energy and sustainability to combat the effects of climate change.”

“The average temperature at the south pole is minus 56 degree Celsius. If you take your gloves off, your fingers would die in 30 seconds,” he said. The animals he encountered, how he and his team spruced up Antarctica and their adventures were supported through pictures.

As Gayatri Meenakshisundaram, teacher with Abacus Montessori School, who accompanied a group of 15 students, said, “I am inspired by Robert's talk. He connected well with children and had a good sense of humour.”

Later, students cycled a few meters along the Marina and cleaned up the beach of its litter.

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