Come exam time and tension prevails in every home. But some parents have a different tale to tell us.

“Even though every family member is all the time reminded of the forthcoming examinations we are not worried. It is because we are assured that our child will do well. He / she has been put through rigorous training at our favourite academy.”

What is this academy that trains the students so well? Called Ganesh Academy it has branches at Mandaveli and Gopalapuram. If students are confident about scoring well in the exams are they subjected to gruelling tests and exams here?

“Not at all, it is the friendly approach of the faculty that has drawn us close to the academy and the subjects,” says a student of the academy. Aiswarya, a student of this academy, says that the slogans of the students here is “I want to score”; I must score”; I will score”.

Science & maths

“Science and mathematics is what we focus on for Classes X, XI, and XII. Our dedicated and experienced faculty have an ear-marked syllabus which prepares the students well-ahead of the exams,” says Sabapathy, course-director. He assures that the students are not taught not in a hurried manner nor put through harrowing testing episodes, instead the syllabus and the students are approached cautiously and gradually taken through the journey of preparation.

The entire portion is divided into units and the prescribed book (CBSE and State board) is taught completely within six months. Even as classes are held, tests are given and students are assessed simultaneously and coached accordingly.

According to Mr. Sabapathy, the revision tests and model examination papers are based on blue print designed by Directorate of Government Examinations, Tamil Nadu, and answer scripts are evaluated on a par with board examination key by experienced subject experts.


Students can join two types of courses here. The ‘plan ahead learn ahead course' is for those who will be appearing for public examination next March. Under this, children will concentrate on his IX or XI syllabus till March.

The public exam syllabus will begin in full swing from April. The other one is the summer cum regular coaching class in which students will be given extra classes to bring them on par with the ‘learn ahead course' children.

The academy conducts career counselling sessions for children and parents. Educationalists and psychologists will address students on various issues such as excelling in exams, motivation, and tips to handle crisis situations.

Successive parenting is another exclusive programme in which workshops are held especially for parents to help them to handle these teenagers. They will also be guided to mould and motivate their wards in the right direction. Ila Murugan, eminent psychologist, who handled the session this year talked about how children should be handled during high pressure, the very-much needed friendly approach, how appreciative they must be of their wards, study habits and mental preparation for the exams. He said, “interest + involvement = Improvement.” The academy also encourages students by giving prizes, medals and cash awards.

Other features

The other important features of the academy which is in its 16{+t}{+h} year are: Limited students per batch, regular parent-teacher interaction, excellent learning environment and consistent track record. Classes for the next ‘Plan Ahead Learn Ahead' batch begin on January 29. The Mandaveli branch functions at Venugopal Vidyalaya and the academy is thankful to Shrimathi Shivaraman, principal of the school, for being a great source of strength to them.

Those who wish to join the classes can call the course director, Sabapathy, at 94445 76661 / 94444 12555.


Workshops & EducationMay 14, 2012