They are capable of cleaning road in wet and dry conditions at the speed of 4 km an hour

All the 15 zones of Chennai Corporation will soon have mechanical sweepers to keep the bus route and interior roads cleaner.

To start with the civic body plans to deploy at least two small mechanical sweepers in each of the zones. Five such small mechanical sweepers are now being used by the Corporation in select locations, including Kamarajar Salai and roads near the Raj Bhavan.

They are capable of cleaning the road in wet and dry conditions at the speed of 4 km an hour.

The Corporation has around 2,500 sanitary workers and each of them cleans about 250 metres of roads with median a day.

Enhanced mechanisation

Since manual cleaning of sand and garbage near the pavements and median has been found to be ineffective, the civic body is planning for enhanced mechanisation of the conservancy operation.

The Corporation is expected to advise Ramky Enviro Engineers, the new private conservancy operator in three zones, to use mechanical sweepers for dust-free roads.


Aloysius Xavier LopezJune 28, 2012

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