The Hindu's Education Fair drew over 2,000 participants

Will a hotel management degree help me become a chef in a top hotel? Will I be allowed to work part-time if I go for an integrated Master's programme in Canada? How good should my portfolio be if I want to get into the best product design course in Germany?

For students, graduates and aspirants who harboured these doubts and many more on a variety of specialised courses abroad, TheHindu Education Plus ‘International Education Fair-2012' had the answers.

Students from various disciplines flocked to the fair and spoke to counsellors about academic and career options in nanotechnology, photography, culinary arts, pure sciences, management, engineering, architecture and medical courses. Senior principals and professors from educational institutes also showed up to get a feel of the courses offered by universities abroad and to forge tie-ups with them.

The two-day fair, held at Hotel Taj Connemara, had universities from Canada, U.K., U.S., Singapore, Holland, Dubai, Germany, Russia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Australia, France, Switzerland, Latvia and other European countries. Over 2,000 students and parents participated in the event and got their queries on a wide range of issues answered.

On-the-spot offers were also made by certain universities to students who had brought their credentials. Students were also counselled on destination-specific opportunities and visa formalities. “There is too much information on the internet about universities and there is the lingering fear that we might get trapped by a fake one. These fairs ensure the credibility of these universities,” said Ravi Rajan, who visited the fair in search of research options abroad in automobile engineering.


Arts, Entertainment & EventsMay 14, 2012