As part of the International Women's Day celebrations, Air India operated an all-women crew flight on select sectors in international and domestic sectors from three southern cities on Monday.

Flight IC 573/574 Chennai-Colombo-Chennai was piloted by Capt. M. Deepa and First Officer Soniya Jain with five women cabin crew members and two women security personnel. Load and Trim sheet was prepared by Shobana and Tarmac loading operation was done by M.S. Yasodha.

In all, Air India operated 12 flights, including Mumbai-New York, Hyderabad-Dammam-Chennai, Mumbai-Bangalore-Mumbai, Muscat-Mumbai-Ahmedabad and Mumbai-Nagpur-Mumbai.

Talking to reporters, Sunil Kishen, Executive Director (Southern Region), Air India, said that it was an eventful day. “This is the not the first time that we are operating flights with all-women crew on the Chennai-Colombo-Chennai sector. We have been doing it for the last two years. In the last one year, we would have flown at least 52 all-women crew flights.”

According to him, 136 women pilots were working in international and domestic sectors. Women employees represented 18 per cent of the total workforce.

Capt. Deepa said that her colleagues made history on Monday by flying non-stop on the Mumbai-New York sector. Others operated flights in different parts of the country. She has more than 7,500 hours of flying to her credit, 3,500 hours as commander.

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