Chennai Airport Director A.P. Hareendranathan, in response to the report ‘Airport moots outsourcing of paramedical support,' that appeared in The Hindu on July 6, writes:

“AAI has established a well-equipped medical inspection (MI) room at the terminal with well-qualified doctors/professionals, including paramedical staff to take care of any emergency on the airport premises.

Qualified personnel

“The purpose of the MI room is to provide first-aid to the passengers and, if required, refer them to hospitals for further treatment. The medical professionals are on duty round-the-clock. Some of our doctors have specialised in aviation medicine, which specifically deals with air passengers. We have adequate ambulances and paramedical staff.

Fire Department support

“Further, the medical services are supported by the Department of Fire, who are not only trained in fire and rescue operations, but also in first aid to provide emergency medical aid in the event of any aircraft emergency.

“Chennai is emerging as a health-care destination across the world. However, the airport need not have world-class health facilities on its premises. It would suffice to provide first aid to patients in need who are coming from abroad for treatment and also provide necessary facilities for smooth shifting of the patients to the hospitals of their choice. Establishment of a hospital on the airport premises is not a solution. Further, outsourcing paramedical personnel is not a panacea for extending first aid in times of emergency.”

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