A month-long workshop on ‘five-element acupuncture' programme was organised by Apollo Hospitals at Apollo Life Centre.

It gave participants an insight into the history of acupuncture and the philosophy of this system of medicine.

The medical system was primarily developed as a preventive healthcare system, said Gerad Kites, acupuncture master and founder, Kites Clinics, London.

Mr. Kites said the five-element system came out of the Taoist tradition, which was based on how the Chinese related to nature and how they understood the link between what was happening outside the world and inside.

He said this medical system was rooted in ancient wisdom and was a contemporary and effective system.

Upasana Kamineni, vice-president, Apollo Philanthropy, said the Apollo Life Centre believed that good health of an individual was not ensured merely through the absence of diseases, but by complete physical, social, mental, and spiritual well being of the individual.

The five-element system worked on the cause of the disease.