Young filmmaker lost his right hand in a road accident involving government and private buses

Kavin Antony was an associate with director Bala and on top of the world. He had two films to his credit, one of them award-winning when tragedy struck.

He lost his right hand in 2009, in an accident involving government and private buses on the way from Puducherry to Chennai.

Ironically, he was looking for road accident data to make a short film when he met with the accident.

He was sitting in the fourth row from the driver’s seat when another bus crashed into the one he was travelling in.

Five years on, he is still waiting for compensation to be granted by the court. However, all this does not deter him from pursuing his vocation.

The young man was keen on making films, having directed two short films — ‘Irul,’ on the perils of drinking, which won the second prize in a competition conducted by Makkal TV, and ‘Athikaalai,’ on road accidents.

The silver lining in his life is Bala. He says, “Bala sir has been helping me a lot personally as well as professionally. But for his moral support, I would have crumbled. I would not have become what I am today.”

Role model for the disabled

He adds that he would like to be a role model for the physically challenged.

“Mine is just one among millions of voices. I speak now, but millions are resigned to quietly leading their lives,” he says.

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