The identity of a baby kidnapped from Rajah Sir Ramasamy Mudaliar (RSRM) Hospital in Royapuram in October, and subsequently found in Parameswaran Nagar has been established.

The child will be handed over to the mother, Kalaiarasi, in court on Monday.

The baby girl was abducted on October 25 from the hospital, five days after she was born, while her mother was recuperating after a caesarean surgery.

Closed circuit television cameras in the hospital recorded the image of a woman walking away with the infant.

On November 9, a baby girl was found abandoned in a train, and when Kalairasi was taken to her, she identified the baby as hers, based on a green sweater found with the child. But the police were not convinced, and sought a DNA test on the mother and child.

Meanwhile, residents of Parameswaran Nagar complained to a trainee sub-inspector in their area about Yogeswari (22), who had a baby at home that neighbours suspected wasn’t hers. In their complaint, they told police that she did not breastfeed the infant.

When police, in the guise of Chennai Corporation officials, arrived at her home, Yogeswari was unable to produce the infant’s birth certificate. A thorough check of the house yielded the sari Yogeswari had worn on the day of visit to the hospital

Yogeswari confessed to the abduction, saying that she had done so fearing that her husband would abandon her if she had another miscarriage. Yogeswari had had two miscarriages earlier and was pregnant this year. But in June, she had a third miscarriage. Yogeswari was arrested and remanded to custody.

RSRM hospital superintendent V. Kalaivani said that once the baby was handed over to the mother, the hospital would have to get a declaration from the mother stating that she has taken possession of the baby.

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