Assembly complex labourers eager to complete work

Having a break for four days and taking part in the grand inauguration of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly-Secretariat Complex would only energise M. Nathulal, a construction labourer from Rajasthan.

He is one of the nearly 4,500 workers who contributed towards the construction of the largest governmental building in India to receive a LEED Gold rating. “We are happy that the building has come out magnificently. We will resume after a four-day rest and complete the remaining granite works,” said Mr. Nathulal.

Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi, Ministers and senior officials on Sunday participated in a function organised to felicitate the construction labourers. “Around 95 per cent of the granite cladding works has been completed in the building,” said Diwan Mohideen, one of the sub-contractors of the project. Work on fast black granite for cladding and Kashmir white and pink granite for the interior would be completed shortly, he said.

R. Dara, another labourer from Madhya Pradesh, said the granite cladding works were the most challenging. Some workers had sustained injuries at work but their enthusiasm did not weaken, Mr. Mohideen added. R. Kalyan, a labourer from Rajasthan, said the necessity of completing the building on time had made some workers like him work from 6 a.m. to midnight. “We are happy now,” he said.

For some like S. Vikas Kumar, returning to his native village in Orissa after completing the remaining work of the building in two months is the most eagerly awaited happening

N. Ananda Raj, one of the private security personnel in charge of the residential areas of the construction labourers, said they had to be alert all the time in order to allow entry for only those labourers who had a valid pass. This was to prevent any untoward incidents in the area where the labourers resided.

M. Movendar, another private security personnel, said: “I saw enthusiasm among the labourers increase considerably in the recent weeks,” he said.

Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi during the meeting on Sunday also acknowledged that his frequent visits to the construction site had put more pressure on the officials and labourers.

“I bow my head in expression of my gratitude to the labourers,” said Mr. Karunanidhi.


Aloysius Xavier LopezJune 28, 2012

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