Antique clocks, wooden carvings vie for the visitors' attention

Are you setting up a home or considering giving your home a new look? ‘The Hindu Metro Plus Home Décor' show, inaugurated on Friday, at the Chennai Trade Centre, promises to be a one-stop destination where you might find just about everything you need.

The show, which is open till Monday, has a range of furniture in wood and metal right from luxury to those for everyday use. Massage chairs, cushions, wall hangings, lamp shades, carpets and artefacts are part of the display. Antique clocks, wooden carvings and colourful wall hangings of deities vie for the visitors' attention. From king-size sofa sets and cots to a small, pretty keychain tastefully painted, the venue is full of items that find use in a household every day. And when the visitors feel a little fatigued going around the plethora of stalls showcasing the products, there are stalls selling snacks and juices. Actor Sarath Kumar inaugurated the show, co-sponsored by Grahapravesam Estates.