Two of the three victims of Saturday’s accident — a cop and a woman fish vendor — were there at the accident spot at 3.30 a.m. just as part of their daily chores when the overspeeding sedan ran them over.

Police constable S. Sekar was on night patrol and had stepped out after checking an ATM near the Marina Police Station when the accident happened. Fish vendor Thilakavathi was waiting for a share autorickshaw to reach Kasimedu fish market.

The third victim Arjunan, also a fish vendor, was just out on bail after a police investigation at the Marina police station.

Shopkeepers near the accident spot said that Thilakavathi was thrown a considerable distance due to the impact. “I heard from my co-worker, who witnessed the accident, that her body flew away several feet ,” a worker at the tea shop said. Arjunan had come to the tea shop to have tea, said a traffic police said.

Policemen at Marina police station remembered their colleague Sekar as a soft-spoken person.

“He joined the force in 1997. He had joined the Marina Police Station only three months back,” said T. Pandi, law and order inspector at Marina police station. He is survived by Santhi Stella Bai and son Manikandan.

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