What do we need to make our country better?

On the eve of Independence Day while browing through Facebook, I noticed that it was flooded with status updates, cover photos and profile pictures depicting patriotism and all that related to India’s Independence Day celebrations.

At that time, I came across someone’s Facebook status message which read, “Fight to make India a better country in all aspects!!!” This kept nagging me. I was in complete disagreement with this particular line.

Is it necessary that we need to fight to make our nation better? We always complain that our government doesn’t do anything for our betterment, irrespective of which party is in power. We always talks about corruption, the lack of cleanliness and so many other problems in comparison to other countries.

Corruption is a two-sided coin involving two people. We have the habit of blaming only the person who accepts the bribe and forgetting the person who bribes. Most of us give bribes because we want our job to be completed quickly. In this case, it is enough if we simply abide by the rules and say ‘no’ to bribes.

And there are always a few people who keep boasting about the cleanliness they have observed during their visit to a foreign country. It is this same group which doesn’t mind spitting in and littering in public places in our country. It is only then I realised that any problem in our country can be solved and India can become a better country not by fighting but when every citizen becomes a better individual.

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