In two separate events on Thursday, achievements of orthopaedics in the city were highlighted. While MIOT Hospital celebrated the performance of 30,000 joint replacement surgeries, Apollo Hospital called for a conference to talk about a specific total knee replacement procedure.

MIOT Hospital marked the performance of 20,000 hip replacements and 10,000 knee replacements and also opened a museum within its premises. The Museum of Arthroplasty (Joint Replacement) seeks to educate the public and patients on choosing long-lasting artificial joints. The museum has models of prosthesis used over the years. One of the earliest prosthesis — John Charnley prosthesis of 1963 — resulted in the first successful total hip arthroplasty , said P.V.A.Mohandas, founder and managing director of the hospital.

Barry J.M. D’Rosario, director, Centre for Knee Replacement Surgery and Computer Navigation, said, “Osteoarthritis is one of the main indicators for knee replacement, followed by rheumatoid arthritis and other causes such as post traumatic arthritis,” he added.

Many people under 40 are coming in for joint replacements, Prithvi Mohandas, joint managing director, said. “We need to ensure the artificial joint lasts a lifetime and the patient does not get admitted again,” he explained.

Apollo Hospitals

Meanwhile, a team of doctors at Apollo Hospitals have performed a total knee replacement with the help of ATTUNE Knee System and I Assist Navigation System on a 72-year-old patient.

The ATTUNE Knee System helps in re-creating the precision of human knee, allowing doctors to personalise the fit for each patient, while the I Assist Knee System is a computer-assisted stereotactic surgical instrument system that aids doctors in positioning of orthopaedic implant components.

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