Within hours, a signboard of Metro Rail project put up on Ripon Building was removed

The Chennai Corporation on Wednesday asked Chennai Metro Rail Limited to remove a board that was installed by mistake claiming that the property where Ripon Building stands has been allotted to CMRL.

CMRL Managing Director K. Rajaraman said that the contractors were asked to set up the display boards only in the properties which have been permanently allocated for construction of metro rail. The contractors by mistake installed the boards on the compound wall of Ripon Building, which is only temporarily allocated for the construction work, he added.


Within hours of installation of the display boards, the CMRL officials were asked to remove them as the civic body found the information “misleading.”

Mr.Rajaraman said that only a small stretch of land was required from the Ripon Building campus for the underground metro rail station that stretches up to Central Railway Station Parking area. The entry and exit of the station is likely to come up on the premises. After the construction of the underground railway station, the land would be handed over to the civic body.

As the officials feared that the display board would convey misleading information, the contractors were asked to remove the board immediately.

The CMRL installed display boards on Wednesday at more than 50 properties where work is about to start in a few months across the city. Most of the properties belong to various departments of government. ‘

The properties which have been temporarily allocated for the construction of metro rail include a portion of the Ripon Building premises and Victoria Public Hall premises.


Aloysius Xavier LopezJune 28, 2012