MTC plans to introduce three dedicated drivers and conductors on each city route

Next time you are late to the bus stop, you might not have to run to make the conductor aware of your presence. The Metropolitan Transport Corporation’s (MTC) move to introduce three dedicated drivers and conductors on each route may prove beneficial to commuters, say sources.

There are over 740 MTC routes and over 50 lakh people commute by the buses everyday. To date, the driver and conductor are shuffled on a daily basis. The introduction of dedicated drivers would help the drivers keep themselves abreast of the condition of the bus.

“The driver will know if the clutch, brakes and other equipment are working. He will know the distance and timing between one stop and the next. He can also manage time well,” said a source.

Even the conductor would come to know the route well. “He will know at which stop there will be a large collection and at what time. He will also know the commuters well and know at what time each one of them waits at a particular stop. This will not only improve efficiency of the corporation, but also aid commuters,” said the source.

T. Ravi Kumar, president of All India Rail and Bus Passengers Association welcomed the move. “If the driver knows the faults of his vehicle, he can rectify it on time. This way, accidents will reduce,” he said.

He feels that if a conductor is introduced newly to a route, it would be difficult for him to consult the fare sheet and distribute tickets accordingly. “If he is a dedicated conductor, he will be able to distribute tickets faster and also have a good rapport with commuters,” he said.

Fifty-five-year old J. Saraswathi reminiscences how in her college days the conductor of a particular bus route used to wait for a few seconds if they were not found in the bus stop. “That is missing nowadays. But if dedicated conductors are brought in, it would definitely make a difference,” she said.


Vivek NarayananJune 28, 2012

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