For the next two months, a group of homemakers will take a break from their mundane chores to put their creative minds together to showcase their latent talent and vie for the crowning glory.

Mrs. Homemaker ’09, a contest for married women, got off to a start here on Wednesday. Organised by Twilite Corpos, the annual event seeks to appreciate, recognise and reward contemporary women for their homemaking and creative skills.

For a start, the contestants took part in a cookery contest, in which they sported ethnic wear and made traditional delicacies. A series of contests, grouped under different categories — sports, cookery, creativity, intelligence — will be conducted.

‘Adventure Buoyance Round,’ in which participants will take part in adventure activities and exhibit their fortitude, will follow. Art skills, budgeting talent, dress sense and behavioural skills will be tested in a series of rounds. Other tasks include driving a tractor, milking a cow and cooking using firewood and grinding stone.

“The contest is a complete reality event, in which the competitions will be conducted entirely outdoors. We will take the contestants to different places — from villages to posh locations — to bring out their talent,” said Twilite Corpos Chief Executive Officer Sumathi Srinivas.

Twenty applicants were selected from 500 applications and the shortlisted candidates will be tested for various skills.

Speaking at the event, playback singer Srilekha Parthasarathy said mothers are the inspiration for all women who enter into wedlock. “Priorities shift completely to family and caretaking when women get married and their own interests are pushed aside. Competitions such as these would help women to discover new talent and revivify old ones.”


SportsMay 14, 2012

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