A total of 55 doctors from various specialties in government medical colleges in the State, assigned on deputation to the new multi-specialty hospital on Omandurar estate, reported for work on Monday. This batch is part of the total sanctioned strength of 83 specialists and residents. Of the 55, a total of 31 doctors are from institutions under the Directorate of Medical Education.

As many as 232 paramedical staff have been posted on deputation at the new multi-specialty hospital after counselling.

Some of the doctors were given relieving order from the parent hospital on Sunday evening. They were asked to report at 9 a.m. on Monday.

While the hospital is not open to patients yet, these personnel are expected to supervise and participate in the dry run towards operationalising the hospital. Part of the work involves calibrating the new instruments being installed currently, ensuring sterile units, running swab tests within operation theatres, according to sources.

The specialties being planned for this hospital include cardiology and cardiac surgery, neurology and neurosurgery, medical, surgical and radiation oncology, plastic surgery, and a dialysis unit. The bulk of the positions will be filled by in-service candidates and some of them from among doctors who have retired recently, Health Department sources say. Only those who have expressed willingness to shift to the new hospital have been issued orders. Only a few doctors from private practice will be working at the hospital, sources added.