The city’s film connoisseurs have much to be excited about this week.

The Netherlands film festival is back this year offering movie buffs a window into the Dutch way of life through its cinema.

Boasting an eclectic slate of 11 films, including shorts and features, the festival that was inaugurated on Wednesday, at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture, will go on till the end of the month.

Ila Singh, policy advisor in the political, public diplomacy and cultural department of the Embassy of Netherlands, said, “Though the industry in itself is small, films from the Netherlands have won critical acclaim all over the world. Three Dutch films, ‘The Assault’, ‘Antonia’s Line’ and ‘Character’, won the Academy Award for the Best Foreign Language Film in 1987, 1996 and 1998, respectively.”

The line-up this time does live up to this lofty reputation with ample award-winning films finding their way into the curated screenings.

The diverse themes the films reflect also promise to engage a wide demographic.

For instance, while some films look at the serious issues of economic slowdown and the perils faced by farmers, others follow a group of friends on an adventurous road trip and other misadventures.

Organised by the Embassy of Netherlands, New Delhi, the Consulate General of Netherlands, Chennai, and the Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation, the festival was inaugurated by Katragadda Prasad, secretary of the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce, B. Ramakrishnan, vice-president of the Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation, and Lakshmi Raghul, a cine artist.

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