Twenty-two dogs were brutally massacred in a village on the outskirts of the city on Wednesday.

Dawn Williams, general manager of Blue Cross of India in Chennai, claimed the killings were orchestrated by Karanodai village’s panchayat president, Venketeshan and vice president Udaykumar. The village is in Thiruvallur district.

The shocking event came to light when other residents in the area informed Mr. Williams that the panchayat officials had hired four gypsies to get rid of all the dogs in the locality. The gypsies injected the dog with a poison so lethal that they succumbed the minute the needle touched their skin, said Mr. Williams.

“The complaint came in at 8 a.m. am today, and I was there in Karanodai at 10 a.m. I found several dogs already dead and being transported in garbage carts to be buried. On my arrival, the killings stopped and the gypsies fled,” said Mr. Williams.

A police complaint has been lodged and the bodies of the dogs have been sent to the Madras Veterinary College for autopsies.

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