The 100th regulated cadaver organ transplantation was concluded on Sunday morning at the Government General Hospital.

The organ donor, B. Ravikumar, a young tea shop hand from Trisulam, was declared brain dead at the GH on Thursday after he was run over by a vehicle.

R. Veena, transplant co-ordinator of Mohan Foundation at the GH, said Ravikumar's mother and wife agreed to donate the organs. The couple have two children aged six and four years.

On Sunday morning, doctors operated on Ravikumar to remove his heart valves (which went to Frontier Lifeline), both kidneys (one each went to the GH and Government Stanley Hospital), liver (Global Hospitals) and corneas (Government Eye Hospital).

The liver could not be used as it was found to be damaged subsequently.

Meanwhile, the organs of another young donor Natraj (39), who was injured in a road accident, were harvested after consent was received from the family at K.G. Hospital, Coimbatore.

The kidneys and eyes went to K.G. Hospital and liver to Madras Medical Mission.