In the last four days, over 10,000 people have visited the refurbished Chennai lighthouse.

As part of the tourism initiative, after a gap of nearly two decades, members of the public were allowed to climb the lighthouse to have a glimpse of the city as well as the Marina. On the first day, it was visited by nearly 4,000 people including school children. About 2,600 people visited on Friday. The number was lesser by 400 on Saturday due to the rains.

An official said they were finding it difficult to handle over 2,000 people in a short duration of five hours due to limitations such as the carrying capacity of lifts and the space available at the top. However, they said, the number of visitors would come down in the coming days.

“Our immediate task is to complete the renovation work at Mamallapuram lighthouse by December 30, so it can serve as an added attraction for those visiting for Christmas and New Year,” he said.


Marina lighthouse reopened to visitorsNovember 14, 2013

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