Experts participating in a workshop on Montessori-based approach to dementia care here on Saturday, sought care, patience and love for dementia patients.

Information about how various parts of the brain were responsible for different behaviours and actions and details about the stages and cure for dementia were also discussed.

Dementia is a disease which affects memory and the thinking abilities of a person which occurs mostly after the age of 60.


The workshop gave suggestions such as memory boxes which contain family pictures, poetry and jewellery, among others, and also ways to engaging the patients in simple physical activities, including puzzles.

“Awareness on this disease is not widespread. People are embarrassed when they have such people at home. Constant physical movement is very important for these patients,” Maxine Swenssen, Montessori Director, said at the workshop organised by the Nightingales Centre for Ageing and Alzheimer’s and Bangalore Chapter of the Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India.

She covered various topics ranging from basic care for dementia patients to how to handle patients and arrest the progress of the disease.

Sridhar Shamanna, a banker, said: “There is a lack of good centres which care for dementia patients in India. The nurses here are unable to provide the necessary emotional support as they do not have the basic training to take care of the patients emotionally.”

He added that there should be centres where the family of dementia patients can leave the patients for short durations.

Swati Iyer, another participant, felt: “It is time such workshops are organised frequently so that awareness on the disease is spread across the country.”

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