Ithi organises the protest in Madivala

A group of IT professionals on Sunday took to the streets to raise their voice against moral policing, unfair treatment to women in society and the larger issue of gender inequality.

A Bangalore-based welfare and support forum for women in IT and ITeS industry, Ithi, organised a protest in Madivala, an area where IT professionals live in large numbers. Forum members spoke about larger issues that affect women, including domestic violence, sexual offences and female foeticide.

The forum submitted a memorandum to the Karnataka State Women’s Commission.

Deepthi R., an IT worker at multinational company here, spoke about how even on the streets of Bangalore women feel insecure. “It is difficult for women to come out and live freely if such an atmosphere of fear is created. For society to progress, it is important that women be made to feel secure,” she said.

For this, she added, women must come out on the streets and demand their right to a safe environment, whether it is in the workplace or at home.

On issues IT women workers face, Bharathi P. said that in many offices companies close shifts for women at 6 p.m. as they do not want to take the responsibility. “This means that when we sit for some overtime work we are left to ourselves to find our way back,” she said.

Sudha S., another employee, said that the government must pay attention to Mangalore where many such issues are tarnishing the secular credentials of the region.

Joining cause with the women, Suresh Kodoor, an IT employee, said that the use of the word moral policing provides undue legitimacy to hooliganism. “The government should take a firm action against this,” he said.

Other gender

Members of Samara, a community organisation of sexual minorities and sex workers, later joined the protest rally. “Just like women we too face several crimes. We face ‘violence’ from police, goondas, and even from our families,” alleged Madhu, a member of Samara.