Unable to bear the death of her husband, a woman poisoned her 10-year-old son and killed herself in Chandra Layout on Wednesday.

According to the police, Chaitra’s husband Jnanashekhar (50), owner of a dye and tool-making workshop at Sunkadakatte, was knocked down by a motorcyclist while he was crossing the road on September 9 in Kamakshiplaya.

With severe head injuries, he was rushed to BGS Hospital in Kengeri where he died on Wednesday.

According to the police, Jnanashekhar, a widower with two sons, had married Chaitra 15 years ago and the couple had a boy. The family was living in a house at Kalyan Nagar in Chandra Layout.

Phone call

On Wednesday, when Chaitra overheard a telephone call made to her brother Srinivas, informing him of Jnanashekhar’s death, she rushed to a room where her son Jeevan was sleeping, and locked herself in.

She is believed to have later laced a cold drink with rat poison and forced Jeevan to drink it, before drinking some herself.

Suspecting something amiss, Srinivas tried to open the door, but to no avail. He broke open the door with the help of neighbours and saw Chaitra and Jeevan lying on the floor.

They were rushed to a nearby hospital, where they died.

The Chandra Layout police are investigating.

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