She wanted her daughter to separate from her husband

The Mahadevpura police on Friday have arrested a woman, who allegedly got her one-year-old grandson “kidnapped” owing to differences with her son-in-law.

Gayatri (45), a resident of Byrappa Layout in Whitefield, allegedly planned the kidnap as she wanted her daughter, Supriya, to separate from her husband, Shankar. She reportedly told the police that she had hoped the “kidnap” could have brought about a rift in their marriage.

On December 4, Gayatri along with her daughter Supriya and grandson, Hanish, went to a wedding in Mahadevpura. Later on, she asked Supriya to take her to a nearby mall. As they were near the mall, Gayatri, who was holding the baby, started screaming stating that the child had been snatched by someone.

Supriya, who was walking ahead, also could not see who had taken away the baby. She filed a complaint of kidnap with the police that evening. However, the Mahadevpura police discovered that the woman was involved in the alleged kidnap.

During interrogation, Gayatri revealed that she had taken the help of two persons, identified as Anant Kumar (30), a cab driver, and Ratnamma (35). When the police studied the CC TV footage captured in the cameras installed near the mall, they found Gayatri’s behaviour odd and also saw a car parked near the mall.

The car’s registration number led them to Anant’s house in Whitefield. The police found that Ananth Kumar had been waiting in the car as Gayatri and Supriya were passing. The plan was such that it appeared as if Anant had indeed snatched the baby from Gayatri’s arms even though it had been planned earlier by the duo. Anant had later given the child to Ratnamma so that she could keep him in her house for sometime.

The two associates have also been nabbed. Investigation revealed that Gayatri did not want her daughter to stay with Shankar, a teacher.

The couple are married for three years and Shankar would visit the family frequently as he stayed in Anekal. Police said that there was also a possibility that Gayatri was against the idea of her daughter leaving her.

Gayatri said she wanted her daughter to marry someone else and has alleged that her daughter was being harassed for dowry.

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