In a case of apparent road rage, a 26-year-old woman and her male friend on a motorcycle were beaten up by two scooterists in full public view at Koramangala on Saturday for asking them to follow traffic rules.

The victims (identities withheld on request), who work in a private firm, were returning home when the incident occurred.

The two reached Maharaja Circle at Koramangala 4th Block and were waiting at the signal when two men on a scooter reportedly charged towards them from the wrong side.

Avoiding an imminent collision, the victims shouted at the scooterists asking them to ride cautiously. Enraged by the advice, the scooterists started following them. They intercepted the motorbike at the busy Maharaja Circle.

By the time the victims realised they were about to be attacked, they were pulled from their bike and hit. The woman, who was riding pillion and wearing a helmet, was saved from fatal blows, but her friend was thrashed.

The victims called the police control room while a large crowd watched curiously without making any effort to intervene.

By the time the police arrived, the attackers called their associates and fled. When the victims tried to follow them, they were threatened with bricks from a nearby construction site, according to their complaint filed with the Koramangala police.

Though the police went to the spot and conducted enquiries to locate the attackers, they failed to make any headway since there were no CCTV cameras at the scene of crime.

“What is more shocking is that the people instead of helping a girl being beaten up merely requested the attackers to let go,” the victim said.

The Koramangala police told The Hindu that they have identified the scooter as a red-coloured Honda Dio. Efforts are on to trace the owner of the vehicle, the police said.

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