The J.C. Nagar police arrested a woman and her boyfriend on charges on murdering her 62-year-old mother-in-law in Ankappa Block.

Saleemunnesa was found dead at her house on Wednesday night when her son, Allah Baksh, an autorickshaw driver, returned home after he picked up his wife, Parveen Khanam, along with their two children from her parents’ house.

The couple found that there were no lights in the house and the door was left open, and saw the elderly woman lying dead on the sofa. As there was no external injury, they assumed that she had died a natural death.

Suspicious marks

However, one of their relatives raised suspicions when they observed marks on Saleemunnesa’s neck. Based on a complaint filed by Allah Baksh, the J.C. Nagar police interrogated the family and learnt that it was Parveen (32) and her boyfriend Mohammed Rafeeq (29), who were involved in the murder.

Allah Baksh, who had left for work on Wednesday morning, told the police that his wife Parveen had called him in the evening saying she had taken the children to her parents’ house in Shivajinagar. However, police said that the woman had gone to Shivajinagar only after 6 p.m.

Police said that Parveen had been acting suspiciously, and during her interrogation, the police learnt that she had taken the help of Rafeeq and had allegedly strangled her mother-in-law to death with a wire.

Police investigations revealed that Parveen was having an affair with Rafeeq over the last few years. However, her mother-in-law had opposed Rafeeq’s visits to their home. She had allegedly warned Parveen that she would tell her son about the affair, said the police.

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