The police have denied reports of the arrest of Devinder Singh, the burglar who has captured public imagination as Bunty Chor.

Rumours were rife on Wednesday night that Singh, who pulled off a daring heist in an NRI’s fully secured house in Kerala on Monday, had been caught near Bangalore. However, senior police officials denied it.

The Bollywood Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! is said to have been inspired by Bunty Chor’s exploits.

On January 21, he worked his way through the high-tech security systems such as surveillance cameras and burglar alarm and gained entry into the Thiruvananthapuram house.

After he helped himself with valuables, he drove off with the family’s high-end car.

Additional Director-General of Police (Law and Order) Bipin Gopalkrishna dismissed the rumours saying that he was not aware of any such development.

Even senior police officials in Bangalore city and Rural districts, besides Ramanagaram district, also said no arrest had been made.

The Kerala police are said to be camped in Bangalore as they suspect that Singh might be in the city.

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