What can one do with discarded PVC pipes, or plastic bags that we can’t find a use for? Everything, believes Dakshayani Ramachandran, who turns pipes into corner vases and old plastic bags into kitchen mats.

Ms. Ramachandran has been segregating and recycling almost all kinds of waste to make attractive and useful home decoration articles and useful carry bags.

One can find wall hangings made of cardboards, dolls made of plastic bottles, door curtains of CDs, pendants made of memory cards, flowers made of plastic bags and hundreds of fancy handbags made out of waste materials, all neatly arranged at her home in Malleswaram.

‘Nothing is waste’

For Ms. Ramachandran, nothing is waste. She says: “You simply need to apply some concept and a little creativity to recycle anything.” Ask her what drew her into recycling and waste management, and she says: “I can’t even remember when I started doing this! I am in my late 40s now. It was perhaps after my college, when I got inspired to do it,” She keenly shows her drawing room shelf full of old and new decorative items and calls it her “treasure”. She started out her career working in the field of education counselling and office management; back then waste management used to be her hobby.

“I decided to venture into full-pledged freelancing in the field of civic awareness campaigns with the concept of waste material management through segregation and recycling of waste. Back then, the city used to be much cleaner. There were no plastic bags and heaps of garbage around,” she says. She adds that it is the responsibility of every citizen to keep their city clean.

“The Garden City must not turn into Garbage City,” she says and adds, “and recycling is the best way deal with the issue!”

Her workshops in various educational institutions such as Acharya Institute of Management and the Karnataka Milk Federation draw a lot of keen learners to explore the creative concept of waste management.


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