According to the police, the money could have been withdrawn using skimming or a “pin” technique deployed by online fraudsters.

“They block # key in the ATM machine using a safety pin that prevents a transaction (dispensation of cash) from being processed as the keys are jammed, though the machine reads the card number and records the four digit PIN,” a police official, who investigates ATM frauds, told The Hindu.

After the card user leaves the ATM kiosk, the conman would remove the pin and withdraw any amount of money using the data punched by the card users, he said.

He advised the public to be careful and cross check if the ATM key pad is working properly before using the machine.

It may be recalled that the Ulsoor Gate police recently arrested a 22-year-old high school dropout Manish Kumar Singh from Jharkhand in January last year who had withdrawn several thousands of rupees from an ATM using a similar modus operandi.

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