Vishwa Hindu Parishad international president Ashok Singhal is confident that a Ram temple could be built at Ayodhya within two years.

The issue is mired in litigation, and the only solution is to enact legislation in Parliament to allow the construction, he told journalists here on Tuesday.

Mr. Singhal urged consensus among MPs on providing the land at Ayodhya for the construction. Asked whether the VHP would try to bring about such consensus through the Bharatiya Janata Party, he said: “Why BJP? We have no love left for the BJP. Such a consensus has to be reached by Hindu MPs in all the political parties.”

The VHP leader said most of the Hindu political leaders he had spoken to supported the construction, though they did not express their views publicly.

Mr. Singhal alleged that though Muslims were peace-loving, ready to hand over the site at Ayodhya for the temple, jehadis were preventing them from doing so.

On Monday, the VHP launched the Hanumad Shakti Jagarana Abhiyan, a nationwide campaign to build the religious tempo for building the temple. From November to December, yagnas would be performed at all temples in taluks, he said.


Enact law to hand over land in Ayodhya: VHPAugust 27, 2010

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