At a time when reams and reams are being written and Bangalore University's (BU) infrastructure weakness is being exposed in the media, there seems to be more trouble for the beleaguered institution over allegations of existing funds lying unused.

The administration is citing various reasons for the delay in clearing bills of contractors for work on many campus buildings that are rotting in various stages of completion.

However, allegations are being made within the university that development funds from the University Grants Commission (UGC) over the last two Plans have not been utilised properly. If sources are to be believed, the unused amount is said to be around Rs. 10 crore.

Utilisation certificates

Further, the utilisation certificates for the 10th and 11th Plans — from 2002 to 2007 and 2007 to 2012, respectively — were not submitted to the governing body. The submission of the certificate is a pre-requisite for applying for fresh funds under the present 12th Plan.

The revelations have come following a BU team's visit to New Delhi last week. The utilisation certificates for the previous two Plans were submitted only then.

‘Nobody's fault'

In-charge Finance Officer N. Rangaswamy, who took over recently and who was part of the BU delegation to New Delhi, said no one could be blamed for the utilisation certificates not being submitted. Explaining the delay, he said: “On two previous instances, delegations from BU had visited the UGC to submit the certificates. Both times, the reports were not in accordance with the format; hence the delay.” He added there were contributory factors such as changes in the office-bearers (mainly for the posts of Registrar-Administration and Finance Officer).

Expenditure in the university was accounted and audited at every stage, and had to go through a number of procedures, he said. “From the 10th Plan, we have spent on projects such as the history museum. Each new project [involves] a lot of planning. Funds cannot be spent only because we have them,” he said.