The objective is to reduce time taken to shift patient to hospital

A model of two-wheeler ambulance that the government is contemplating introducing in Bangalore was unveiled on Sunday by the Health Minister U.T. Khader when he came riding it to inaugurate the Pulse Polio immunisation drive at Ghousia Hospital here on Sunday.

The two-wheeler ambulance has a first-aid kit using which the rider of the vehicle would provided needed medical care to the patient before shifted him/her to a four-wheeler ambulance.

Mr. Khader, who rode the two-wheeler ambulance from his residence in Jayamahal to the venue of the Pulse Polio drive, said that the two-wheeler ambulance would reduce the delay caused due to traffic jam while shifting the patient to hospital. He also said that the two-wheeler ambulance would, however, require some modifications. “We have asked the two-wheeler ambulance manufacturers to make provision for administering oxygen to patient during emergency. Without oxygen, the ambulance would serve no purpose. If the oxygen mask is fixed, it would stabilise the patient’s condition,” Mr. Khader added.

The Minister said that the two-wheeler ambulance would be introduced in parts of the city where traffic density is high.


Two-wheeler ambulances likely in BangaloreNovember 1, 2013

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