Lagori played on Brigade Road last Sunday

The world is a stage for artists; and for one particular band, even the roof of an apparel store on the busy Brigade Road is a perfect setting to play. Under the open sky and dangerously above ground-level, Bangalore-based music band ‘Lagori’, last Sunday, gave “traffic stoppers” a whole new meaning.

Becoming the first band to play on one of Bangalore’s busiest streets, the band set the air booming with their crowd pulling track, Boom Shankar. Their boom, however, pulled the clouds as well and rain played spoilsport.

‘Lagori’, which was formed in 2011 when five musicians decided to give their passion a serious break, planned the Brigade Road event to shoot a music video for their upcoming self-titled album. With Eddie and Geeth on guitars, Shalini on Bass, Vinyl on drums and Tejas on vocals, the band’s debut album was released worldwide digitally in March this year.

Speaking to The Hindu, Geeth Vaz said, “We feel Brigade Road somewhat represents the spirit of Bangalore and we wanted to capture this and portray it to the world. But the response we got was beyond our imagination. With the traffic stopping to hear us, sing with us — we couldn’t help feeling touched.”

Offering a mix of pop and rock, Lagori’s music is a blend of Indian and Western music. Lagori’s music offers a fusion of different genres. While Jeene Do keeps you engrossed with its rock influence, Saiyaan takes you on an effortless classical ride.

The band sings in Hindi and Kannada, and believes that where music rules, language is no barrier. As Geeth recalls, “We sang Kannada songs in Kashmir. But to our amazement, the crowd reacted as if we were singing in their language.”

“We are young. We play what we are. Lagori is a platform to redefine ourselves and our culture,” added Geeth.

With performances all over India, one of their achievements includes collaborating with one of the biggest electronic dance music acts in the world, “Above and Beyond” in Bangalore. But now, the Brigade Road episode has left them on a high note.

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