The death of Vijay Kumar came as a shocker to his family which was expecting him back home soon. For, the victim had told his wife Soubhagya and children Varshit and Mukta that he would be home soon as it was a Sunday.

The happy family till the tragedy struck them on Sunday lives in an apartment at Babusabpalya. While Varshit studies in 5 standard, Mukta is in 7 standard. Vijay Kumar had himself climbed up the professional ladder the hard way. He joined the police force as a constable but moved up to become a sub-inspector of police by taking up departmental exams and excelling in them.

“Vijay Kumar left home after breakfast saying that he would return home by afternoon after attending to a case. However, a few hours later, we heard the tragic news,” his father-in-law, said.

He said: “He was like a son to me and took care of the family members very well. He was honest and a hardworking police officer, with a good heart,” he said.

Vijay Kumar’s uncle, Kariappa, remembered him as a very sincere person who was known for his friendly ways among family and neighbours.

“We were supposed to meet him in the evening for a get-together. We did not know that such a thing would happen to him,” he lamented.

Shocked family members gathered in large numbers near the mortuary at Victoria Hospital as the news spread.

Soubhagya broke down on seeing the body even as family members and friends tried to console her.

Strict policeman

Meanwhile, his colleagues remembered him as a tough policeman who managed his jurisdiction well.

“Vijay Kumar was very strict and took good control of the area he was in charge of.

“He was not only strict among his staff but also outside in maintaining law and order. But he had to pay a heavy price for allegedly pressuring the staff who are overworked,” a senior policeman said.

“He was with us throughout training and we are old friends. It is hard to believe that another constable would be ill-treated since he himself worked as a constable,” said Ramesh Babu, a constable attached to the Indiranagar Traffic police station.

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