KOA organises seminar on ‘Say No to Drugs’

Several drugs listed under ‘Prohibited Substances and Methods’ by the World Anti-Doping Agency tend to be misused rather than for their intended medical purposes, said neuropsychopharmacologist Chanda Kulkarni here on Monday.

She was speaking on the sidelines of the seminar ‘Say No to Drugs’ organised by the Karnataka Olympic Association for athletes and sportspersons.

“Several therapeutic drugs such as steroids, beta-blockers and diuretics can be used for hormone treatment, growth of muscle and reproductive hormone,” she said.

However, these drugs are used by athletes to enhance their performance and muscle growth. This can have adverse effect on their physiology and can cause serious side effects, she said.

While an overdose of steroids can affect the reproductive organs, blood doping can lead to blood clotting, stroke or heart attack.

Besides, excess of diuretics could lead to loss of calcium and cause fatigue, Ms. Kulkarni said. With the drugs readily available in the market, there was need to ensure that they were given only with prescription, she added.

Earlier during the day, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah launched a walkathon and signature campaign. He said that the youth were assets of the country and that there was a need to spread awareness on drugs.

“I request everyone, especially students and sportspersons, to stay away from drugs,” he said and added that the youth could focus on yoga and pranayama to stay away from drugs.

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