This unpretentious eatery offers the best of Maharashtrian and north Karnataka cuisines

When you visit Sunny Numkins on Sahakar Nagar Main Road, the first thing you notice is the crowd. The eatery is thronged with scores of regular customers.

What may seem like yet another joint dishing out north Karnataka cuisine, Sunny Numkins, you will find, is also a place to head to if you want a mouthful of popular snacks from Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Both worlds

The blend of the two popular cuisines at the eatery can be attributed to the background of its owner Pushpa Kamate, who though from Kolhapur, was inescapably drawn to north Karnataka cuisine.

“While I am more of a Maharastrian, I have several relatives living in towns in northern Karnataka. So, I suppose that was responsible for this blend ,” says Pushpa.

Until you hear her overcome the cacophony and yell out the orders, it is hard to spot Pushpa amidst the crowds that gather at this little eatery.

What do you like?

There were the usual akki rotis and chapattis which you find in other north Karnataka eateries , but I was surprised to spot the customary eggplant curry missing.

“Well, most of my customers do not like brinjal,” Pushpa answers, quite matter of factly.

“We serve different curries everyday judging by what our customers like to eat.” Having served food in the neighbourhood for the past 16 years, Pushpa doesn't miss a beat. Among the various rotis and chappatis, the akki roti is a clear winner, and if you decide to gorge on some additional rotis in the afternoons, you might be disappointed.

“Making akki rotis in the morning is quite time consuming. Moreover, there is greater demand for them in the evenings, when most orders are takeaways, ” she explains.

Uniquely Maharashtrian

Among the uniquely Maharashtrain dishes are the popular vada pav, Bombay bhel, Maharashtra bhadang, puran poli and shankar poli (which is made during festivals). Among the sweets, the besan ladoo and kayi obbattu are worth a try. Shenga holige, made from groundnuts, is a fusion of both the cuisines.

What is much loved among the side dishes is the garlic chutney.

A spoonful of the spicy chutney, sprinkled over thick chilled curd to be eaten with rotis, makes it a fire and ice combo. At Rs. 40 for a plate that includes two chapattis, three curries, and a chutney, it is easy on the pocket.

You can contact Sunny Numkins at 9448017700/080-25924702.

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Paper PlateJanuary 13, 2011