It is not every day that you find a 15-year-old designing websites and apps, all the while dreaming of developing software for one of the world’s leading software giants. Pratik Mohapatra, who has just finished Class 10 at the National Public School, Koramangala, has returned from the Windows Azure Conference 2014 held in the city recently. Having developed various applications for Android and Windows, he even has a small start up called ‘Limitinfinity Softwares.’

Recently, Pratik, along with his friends, H. S. Srihari and Aditya Menon, developed a Windows phone app called ‘Resolve’ which was voted the best app at the inaugural Developers Premier League Bangalore event hosted by Nokia, Intel and ThoughtWorks.

“All participating teams were from professional companies like Accenture, Nokia DevTeam, etc. We were the youngest team and we won the event,” says the proud entrepreneur.

The app provides organisations with a solution to logistical problems, including physical items such as equipment, material and staff.

“Usually, the department concerned gets to know the problem very late but with the help of our app, they will get to know the problem immediately and try to resolve it. For example, if a person happens to see a tap leaking in the washroom, he can click a picture of the tap leaking through the camera facility in our app and send the information and the image regarding the problem to the concerned department immediately. We also added the option of predefined contacts which the user will have to set, so that no time is wasted in transmitting the message. The history page provided in the app keeps track of previous complaints and therefore we will get to know if it is solved. ,” explains Pratik.

The start-up also offers other apps called ‘Malnourishment’ (the user will get to know more about malnourishment) and ‘Emergency Hub’ (an SOS app).

“In school we were given prior knowledge of basics. But Windows requires additional technical know-how. I took months to build these apps by looking up on the Internet,” said the young developer, who intends to pursue computer engineering.

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