Growing threat to Jelly Bean

Malware makers have, for some time now, set their sights on the Android ecosystem, with a large number of malcode attacks focussing on the mobile operating system. Android Jelly Bean users are now fresh targets, says a report from Trend Micro, a security systems provider. Given that Google’s ecosystem is growing at a tremendous pace, Trend Micro predicts an “arms race” between Android attackers and security providers, much like the one that involved Microsoft Windows in the last decade.

Rajat Sahu, product marketing manager (consumer), Trend Micro, said in a release: “One of our most notable findings in the recent security roundup research was the sixfold growth in risky applications for Android. From June to September 2012, these applications grew from just 30,000 to almost 175,000 and are expected to reach 1 million by the end of 2013. With only 20 per cent of Android-based devices having security apps installed, now is the time to think about Android security.”

All things technology and academics

Hardware major Texas Instruments will host the TI India Educators’ Conference, an initiative that aims to bring together professionals, academics and students from engineering colleges across the country.

The conference, on April 4 and 5 at the Nimhans Convention Centre, Bangalore, will include project demonstrations, paper presentations and talks by experts.

Over 60 technical papers and 30 poser papers will be presented, a release from Texas Instruments said, and added that a “post-conference” would feature six additional tutorials. For more, log on to

Wipro server powered by AMD

Wipro Systems and Technology announced the launch of Wipro netPower O1511, a server based on AMD Opteron processors.

The server is designed to deliver better performance and data security to small and medium enterprises, testing and retail enterprises, a release from Wipro stated.

It comes in two variants — one is powered by a quad-core processor, and the other by an eight-core AMD with additional memory and drive capabilities.

Raghavendra Prakash S., general manager and business head, Wipro Systems and Technology, said in a release: “AMD Opteron processors and chipsets propel Wipro netPower O1511 to achieve high performance with complete customisation and flexibility. These are well suited to operate multiple applications simultaneously, making it a better long-term investment for enterprises and allowing them to optimise their cost of operations.”

These are priced between Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 38,000, the release added.

Unisys Labs to spur tech learning

This week, the Indian subsidiary of Unisys opened the Unisys Innovation Labs (UIL) at SJR iPark, Whitefield.

The lab would provide engineering students across the country with a means to refine their technical knowledge and marketable skills, a release from Unisys India said.

It would be operational from April, and enable students and faculty across India to work on real-world problems in real time and on high-performance applications and modernisation programs that capitalise on the latest IT trends, the release added. Remote access would be provided.

“Unisys’ long history of collaborating with the academic community to drive innovation and R&D goes back to 1946, when the founders of the modern company developed the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC), the world’s first large-scale, general purpose digital computer, in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania,” pointed out Kumar Prabhas, managing director, Unisys India.

He added that this collaborative tradition would be continued in India. For more, visit

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