MindTree Ltd., a global IT and product engineering services company, has launched MWatch, an integrated IT infrastructure management services platform.

MWatch provides chief information officers (CIOs) and IT infrastructure managers with a built-in monitoring and management tool encompassing their entire infrastructure — from desktops to servers, increasing IT and service efficiencies and reducing costs, a press release said.

Ram C. Mohan, senior vice-president and head, Infrastructure Management and Technical Support, said: “MWatch is a secure platform that facilitates consolidation and provides a complete view of the infrastructure, enabling CIOs to optimise IT performance.” It is an intelligent service enabler for MindTree's managed services and is available for both on-premise and Cloud-based infrastructures. Phishing attacks

A report released by Internet security firm Trend Micro finds that there has been a variety of recent attacks on popular Webmail platforms. Popular email services Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail have also been targeted. While the attacks appear to have been separately conducted, these have some significant similarities, the report notes.

The objective of the attackers appeared to be to gain access to the target's Webmail accounts in order to monitor his/her communications and possibly to stage future attacks. In the recent case revealed by Google, the attackers used a phishing attack to gain access to the target's Gmail account, then proceeded to add their own email addresses to the ‘forwarding and delegation settings', allowing them to send and receive email messages via the compromised accounts, the report notes.

In the Hotmail attacks, users were targeted through phishing emails that took advantage of a flaw in Microsoft's email service to compromise their ‘Contacts' list and facilitate rogue forwarding settings.

This method of inserting a rogue email forwarding address, enables cybercrooks to read all of their victims' personal and confidential emails and it was also utilised in the Gmail spear phishing attacks, the report stated.

According to Trend Labs, users are strongly recommended to regularly check their forwarding settings for any email ids, which they don't identify.