“Laser tag,” the older, slowly souring version of myself wheezed back at me from the mirror. I’m definitely too old to suit up, run with guns and defeat my opponent using a fair share of stealth and strategy.

Because that’s what laser tag involves, after all. The basic objective is to score points by ‘tagging’ your opponents using a ‘laser’ gun (a device that emits infrared waves), but there’s no question the game calls for cunning. Too old or not, it’s probably at Iamgame, a gaming venue in Koramangala, that Bangaloreans began to play the game first.

Iamgame is in its second year in Bangalore; it began with their outlet in Koramangala. They have expanded to include a branch in Kammanahalli as well.

Not dangerous, they say

The rising popularity of the game should be convincing enough. “It’s not painful. It’s fun and it’s just a game,” says Alex Sebastian, 27, a laser tag regular.

Gregory Soly, business development manager for Iamgame, stresses that there is “no question” of pain. “It’s not dangerous. There have been sceptics who have come, played and then come back again. Everything is electronically controlled so there is no question of pain.”

The game works with infrared-sensitive targets which are commonly worn by each player and are sometimes integrated within the arena in which the game is played.

Fun with benefits

Sushil J., an engineer, says, “It’s a great way to lose weight. You run a lot and sweat it out. It’s a great mini-cardio workout.”

Once you go tag, you never go back, Gregory explains. “We give the participants a scorecard with their accuracy, number of shots and total score. The main objective of the game is to score and we put the results up on our Facebook page. And everybody comes back to better their score.”

“It’s a game that’s played in teams, and it gives you tips on how to make a team work. And that is something you can apply in your work place and life in general,” says Richa, a student.

Gregory also mentioned a game the corporates love, called Vampire and Mortals: the managers are the vampires and the employees are mortals. I don’t know about teamwork, but that sounds like a great game. (Iamgame is at 818, 80ft road, 8th block, Near Koramangala Police Station. Call 41539950).