“Success stories are so boring”, said actor Shah Rukh Khan, who was here donning the quiz-master’s hat and grilling management students at a quiz show.

Mr. Khan came, saw and conquered young students not with words of wisdom on success stories but talking about failure delivering pragmatic lessons.

“Success is never final and failure can never be fatal,” said Mr. Khan, giving some lessons of life at a business quiz show where he danced, cracked jokes, narrated anecdotes, threw some witty one-liners and quizzed management students.

“It is very boring to listen to success stories,” said the superstar, who rose to stardom after starting off as television actor, at the show organised by business school Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) and 4Ps, a marketing magazine, last night.

“The strange thing about success is it cannot teach you anything,” he said, adding that despite being successful, he could never teach his son and daughter how to achieve success in life. “I cannot pass them wisdom on success,” he said.

His own parents who were from a middle class family, could not impart any lessons on success to him, he said, as he shared his memories with Bangalore, where his maternal grandparents stayed and where he spent the first five years of his life.

“Fear of failure will make you pragmatic, failure takes away fatalism and makes you discern between your true friends and fair feathered ones,” he said.