Who says greeting cards are passé? Even as card sales have dropped over the years, greeting card store owners find Valentine’s Day cards still hold their own.

Richa Mohanty, a student of the National Institute of Fashion Technology, who was seen shopping at a store on Brigade Road, said she would rather buy a card than send an e-card.

“There’s no effort in sending an e-card. A real card is so much more personal.”

Digital cards, she claimed, require little effort on the part of the sender. Besides, a card could be preserved and would last longer in one’s memory.

In fact, Ms. Richa prefers making her own cards. “But for people who aren’t as expressive, these cards are the best option,” she said.

Ramesh Chandiramani, co-owner of Archies on Brigade Road, said: “While card sales have dropped for other seasons of the year, Valentine’s Day sales remain strong.”

To substitute for the drop in sales of cards, Mr. Chandiramani said stores had started stocking gifts.

When asked if sales take a beating owing to anti-Valentine’s Day protests, he said Bangalore was fairly immune to moral policing.

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