Bangalore reports tenfold rise in a year

The statistics compiled by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) for 2012 reveal a steep rise in the incidence of crimes against children in Bangalore city as well as the State.

While 54 cases were reported in 2011 in Bangalore, the number shot up to 551 in 2012. Bangalore is second only to Delhi (with reported cases of 3,635). The city also contributed 5.8 per cent of crime against children to the overall population in the country, a sharp increase from the 0.7 per cent in 2011.

In the State

Similarly, Karnataka too saw an increase in reported cases of crime against children from 334 in 2011 to 875 in 2012. Its contribution in terms of crimes against children to the overall population has also gone up to 2.29 per cent (2012) from 1 per cent (2011). A shocking increase can be seen in the number of cases of kidnapping and abduction reported in the city. From just 34 cases in 2011, it shot up to 370 in 2012. The city also saw an increase in the number of murders involving children from four (2011) to 16 (2012). This increase is also mirrored in the number of rape of children reported; from 13 cases in 2011, to 38 in 2012.

No infanticide was reported in the city in 2012, but three were reported in the State.

Karnataka also recorded a rise in kidnapping and abduction cases — from 109 in 2011 to 471 in 2012. A sharp increase was reported in the incidence of rape — 142 (2012) when compared to 97 cases in 2011. Similarly, the number of murder cases also rose from 44 (2011) to 54 (2012).

Like the previous year, no cases pertaining to buying/selling of girls for prostitution were reported in 2012.